Preparing for Bowling's Return [COVID-19]

Preparing for Bowling's Return [COVID-19]

Sooner or later, the nationwide shutdown to slow the COVID-19 pandemic will recede and life will begin to get back to normal. When that does, bowling centers will reopen, and bowlers will be beating down the doors to miss a 10 pin or shoot 220 with no spares.

When these centers open their doors and leagues restart, bowlers need to make sure they are ready to go after a months-long hiatus. Here are some things to think about before hitting the lanes again.

Grip/hand changes

The hand changes naturally as you get older. Those hand changes may be compounded by the fact that bowlers haven’t been able to throw any shots for months. It’s very likely that when you open up your bag, you’ll notice your hand doesn’t fit as well as it used to in your favorite ball.

Your finger holes may feel too big, meaning your inserts need to be replaced. Your thumb hole might be too loose, in which case you’ll need to add a couple pieces of tape. In extreme cases, you can get your thumb hole re-slugged in short order.

Before hitting the lanes in your glorious return, stop by your local pro shop to make sure your fit is right. Bowling World can help you get that comfortable feel back, whether it be tier-taping your thumb hole or adjusting the span on your favorite bowling ball. The most important thing about your ball is how it fits on your hand.

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Surface changes

If you’re like many bowlers and you don’t take care of your equipment as well as you should, now is the best time to have a professional rejuvenate your equipment and help you get the most out of your stuff.

Bowling World can assist with all of these tasks. They can resurface your ball and restore the natural tacky feel to the coverstock, giving you proper traction on the lanes. They can also revive your bowling ball through the oil extraction process, helping to restore hook potential and performance.

You should also take this time to learn about maintaining your own equipment, using approved cleaners after each set. Cleaners like the Hammer Remove All or Brunswick Big B Ball Cleaner work excellent on all sorts of bowling balls.

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Getting your feet under you

Your first few shots will undoubtedly feel weird, so take things slow. If you find you aren’t sliding as much as you used to, a new slide pad for your performance shoes will give you the smooth finish your need in your approach. The Ebonite Shoe Slider is also an option, as are shoe brushes that help revive older slide pads.

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Starting fresh

If the shutdown gave you the itch to add some new equipment to your arsenal, Bowling World can assist with that as well. Bowling World staff will walk you through the ball selection process, taking specific data into account to make sure your new ball works best for you. Bowling World offers a wide variety of options, including newer releases like the Track Proof, the Brunswick Prism Warp, the Ebonite Omni or the Radical Zing Hybrid.

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