6 Bowling Accessories Essential for League Bowlers [2020]

6 Bowling Accessories Essential for League Bowlers [2020]

In this list we break down the 6 bowling accessories that we believe are essential for any league bowler to carry in their bag. Are there great products out there that we don’t mention below? Absolutely! We can go on and on about all the different products and how they can benefit your game. Drop us a comment below if you feel like we left something off, or if there’s an item you’d like to learn more about. 



  1. Rosin Bag / Grip Bag

Brunswick Rosin

Grip bags are designed to do exactly what the name implies: Help you grip. Keeping your release hand dry with rosin will lead to a more 

consistent, smooth release at the foul line throughout the night. There are a number of grip bag options out there ranging from $5 - $15 (shop grip bags here), but you can also go with just a plain rosin bag to get the job done and save a few bucks. 



Our Recommendation: Brunswick Rosin Bag - $3.99 



  1. Smooth Slide

Smooth Slide, Ultra Slide, Master Slide, Easy Slide – whatever you know it as, know

Brunswick Smooth Slide


 that it’s worth keeping some in the bag. While the rosin is your go-to when you need to grip, Smooth Slide is there when the grip turns to stick. Dab a little on your thumb and fingers and you’ll have no problem getting the ball off your hand. Be careful, a little goes a long way! 

Note: This slippery white powder can also be used on the soles of your shoe to help with sticking and increase your slide. While applying this powder to the bottom of your shoe (and therefore, the approach) is not technically illegal, it is illegal if it hinders another bowler and that bowler files a complaint. So user beware! USBC Rule 12


Our Recommendation: Brunswick Smooth Slide - $3.99 

  1. Tape

This is really a broad category that could easily be narrowed down into more specifics. Thumb tape, thumbHOLE tape, finger tape, wrist tape, you name it. For the purpose of this list, we’re going to focus on the most essential tape for league bowlers and that’s thumbhole tape. Within this subcategory we 

Brunswick White Tape

can break it down even more by size and texture. White tape provides a rougher texture and is available in 1/2'”, ¾”, and 1”. Black tape comes in the same size with a smoother texture. It really comes down to personal preference when choosing white or black, but the majority of bowlers tend to prefer white. I personally use white tape in the front of thumbhole and black tape in the back.

So why do you need tape? Our hands are constantly shrinking and swelling causing that once perfect fit to no longer feel so perfect. Applying a few pieces of tape to the inside of your thumbhole will tighten up the hole when it’s feeling too big. If it feels too snug, you can remove the pieces until your thumb fits again. Applying and removing tape is quick and easy enough to do in between frames right on the rack so you never have to worry about dropping or grabbing at the release.

Tip: If you start with 1-2 pieces of tape right off the press, you can remove them when your thumbhole starts to feel snug. If you don’t use tape from the start and your thumb swells, you’ll have to open up the thumb hole with a bevel knife, rasp, bevel sander, or another tool that will make a permanent change to the hole.


Our Recommendation: Brunswick Bowling Tape – 1” White (30 pieces) - $5.99



  1. Towel / Shammy

A proper towel is the one bowling accessory I for sure can’t live without. One of the best habits you can get into is wiping down your ball in between every shot. Every time your ball comes back it’s 

MBW Microfiber Towel

covered in oil (insert ‘my center doesn’t oil’ joke). That oil absorbs into the coverstock and over time affects the performance (short term) and lifespan (long term) of your new $150-$250 bowling ball! (link to maintenance blog post) Take the time to wipe the surface in between each shot and you’ll see a more consistent reaction throughout the night. 

Choosing a towel is similar to choosing your tape: You’ve got options. The biggest thing you’re looking at the material. Woven, microfiber, and leather are your most common options, and you’ll see prices range from $5 - $25 depending on size, material, and branding. 


Our Recommendation: MBW Microfiber Towel - $7.95



  1. Cleaner

Now that you have a good towel to care for your ball’s surface, you can take it a step further and pick out a bottle of cleaner. In addition to wiping your ball in between each shot, it’s recommended that you clean the surface with a USBC certified cleaner every 3-5 games. For league bowlers, a good habit is to clean your ball at the end of the night before you pack up. 

Brunswick Crown Foaming Cleaner

Note: As of 08/1/2019, USBC rule states no liquid cleaners may be used to wipe off or clean your bowling ball during USBC certified competition (USBC Rules)

With that rule change in effect last year, it’s important to get your equipment cleaned right after league ends so it will be ready to go when you show up next week.


Choosing a cleaner can be determined by the type of ball you’re cleaning, however there are a number of products out there that are less specialized and will work well on all your equipment.


Our Recommendation: Brunswick Crown Foaming Cleaner - $12.95 



  1. Shoe Covers


Brunswick Shoe Shield

Nobody wants to be washing their hands in the restroom and look down to see your bowling shoes peeking out under the stall door. Shoe covers are the easiest solution to protect your shoes anytime you need to leave the pit. Clean soles make for clean approaches! 





Our Recommendation: Brunswick Shoe Shield (Assorted sizes and colors) - $13.95 























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