[VIDEO] Brunswick Prism Warp | Ball Review

[VIDEO] Brunswick Prism Warp | Ball Review

The Prism Warp has great hook potential that will be usable for a wide range of players. Where the Prism Solid had so much teeth it could only be used on high volumes of oil, the Prism Warp is good across a wider range of conditions. It uses the Portal core with an ultra-low RG and higher Differential and Intermediate Differential. It’s Activator Composite Technology, A.C.T. 2.0 cover fits right between the Prism Solid and Prism Hybrid. We eliminated the additional finishing step using more teeth under the final surface, this allows for more length and better continuation for this ball.

More Information
Brand Brunswick
Release Date Mar 4, 2020
Color Turquoise / Purple / Black
Coverstock Name ACT 2.0
Coverstock Type Reactive Resin, Solid
Factory Finish 500 / 2000 Siaair Micro Pad
Core Name Portal
Core RG 2.46
Differential .051
Mass Bias Diff .018
Flare Potential High




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