A Look Into a Complete Bag for League Bowlers

A Look Into a Complete Bag for League Bowlers

Take a look into what we could consider a complete league bag setup. This list covers all the necessities for most casual league bowlers. Keep in mind you do have other alternatives to the items we’ve highlighted. Some people might carry more than what we have listed, while some may not need everything we’ve covered.

First Things First: The Bag


When it comes to choosing a bowling bag, you’re not limited with your options. There are plenty of tote style and rolling bags to fit everyone’s needs. In this article we’re going to look at 3-ball rolling bags as they’re the most popular among league bowlers. 


3-ball rollers can range from $120-220 (tote rollers excluded) and typically offer plenty of space to carry all the necessities for league. A few areas you want to consider when choosing a bag of this type are the wheels, handle, accessories pockets, stitching, zippers, and the base. These features are what make up the price difference from the $120 bag and the $220 bag.


Our Choice: KR Fast Triple Roller



The Fast comes equipped with 5” wheels, premium YKK luggage zippers and a flush retractable handle system that make this bag one of the more durable options on the market. For the league bowler that is transporting their bag to and from the bowling center on a weekly basis, durability is key. With 5 accessory pockets and a large shoe compartment, you’ll have more than enough space for all of your league necessities. 


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Bowling Balls (3)


We’ve compiled the next bit of information based on the assumption that you’re a league bowler bowling strictly on the typical house shot (THS).


1st ball out of the bag

For your 1st ball out of the bag you’re going to want something that can handle some oil. How strong of a ball you want will depend on your bowling characteristics (speed, revs, etc) and your bowling center’s conditions.


A good place to start is with solid, reactive balls in the mid-to-high performance category. If you know you’re going to want one of the strongest options, look towards a high-end asymmetric piece. If your THS doesn’t call for that much ball, you can look at a mid-range symmetric.


3 options for Ball 1:


Brunswick Knock Out Black/Blue: The Knock Out B/B is a symmetric solid that’s been highly regarded as one of the best benchmark balls on the market. 


Radical Conspiracy Scheme: The Conspiracy Scheme is a high-end asym with a compound finish that allows the ball to save energy for the backend where it makes a big change of direction.


Ebonite Envision: The Envision uses one of Ebonite’s most dependable covers and plays the benchmark role that league bowlers are looking for.   

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Ball down

For your next ball you’re going to want something for when the lanes break down and your 1st ball is hooking too much. The natural place to turn is towards a pearl ball that will compliment your solid. 


3 options for Ball 2:


Track Kinetic Black Ice: The Kinetic BI is the latest in Track’s ever popular Kinetic line. These balls have been known for their dependability and versatility.


Columbia 300 Eruption Pearl: The Eruption Pearl offers length through the front and mids with a controllable motion on the backend.


Radical Bigfoot: The Bigfoot is Radical’s logical step down from the Conspiracy Scheme.


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Spare ball

No bag is complete without the trusty spare ball. A simple polyester ball with a pancake core is always a good choice for picking off corner pins. You can also look at a polyester ball with a core or a urethane ball, but for league play on a THS, a simple poly might be your best option.


3 options for Ball 3:


Ebonite Maxim


Columbia 300 White Dot


Brunswick TZone

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Bowling Shoes


Almost as important as your bowling ball, having a good pair of shoes is critical for any league bowler. Shoes range from $40-$240, but you can get most athletic styles for under $80. Athletic shoes, in this case, are any non-performance bowling shoe, meaning they don’t have the high-end features like interchangeable slide soles and brake heels. 


For the casual league bowler bowling in the same center each week, a good pair of athletic shoes can usually be sufficient. However, just like with bags, you will see an increase in quality if you decide to upgrade to the higher end options.


Our Choice


Men: Brunswick Frenzy


Women: Brunswick Axis

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Once practice is over and league play begins, you want to make sure you’ve got everything you might need for the night. Be prepared for anything with the following list of accessories.


Rosin or Grip Bag

Smooth Slide


Thumbhole Tape

Protection Tape

Ball Cleaner

Shoe Cover

Shoe Brush





Super glue


Nail clippers

Water bottle

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