Bowling World Surprise!

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Choose the Surprise for a mystery performance bowling ball!

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What is it?

The Bowling World surprise is a mystery ball. Each order contains 1 performance bowling ball.

How is it selected?

Each surprise is different and chosen randomly

Choose the option for Personalized Selection: Tell us a little bit about your bowling style, current arsenal, and what you look for in a new ball, and we'll send a ball that we feel would be beneficial to your game.

Note: The personalized selection option does not guarantee any specific ball, ball type, or brand. It is simply a recommendation from one of our IPBSIA certified staff based on the information you provide and is still limited to our inventory on hand.

Why the surprise?

The BW Surprise is an opportunity to receive a performance bowling ball at a discounted price. The flexibility on our end allows us to provide more savings to you. Also, surprises are fun!

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