Shopping For a Bowling Ball On a $100 Budget

Shopping For a Bowling Ball On a $100 Budget

In this article, we'll go over what choices you have when shopping for a bowling ball on a $100 budget. Once you've decided which option is best for you, use our additional resources listed at the bottom to help narrow down your choices.


Understand what you can get for $100



Polyester balls are the least expensive option on the market. Their hard plastic outer shell creates minimal friction with the lane’s surface resulting in minimal performance down lane. In other words, less hook, more straight.

 This is ideal for the casual bowler who has no intention of learning to hook the ball, but still wants their own ball that is fit to their hand. It’s the most cost-effective option for the weekend bowler who’s not looking to pursue the sport.

Polyester balls are also the most common choice for a spare ball, or an additional ball in the bag used to shoot straight at corner pins and certain other spares.


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Entry-Level Reactive

Most ER balls retail for under $100 and provide more options when it comes to performance. These balls have a reactive resin coverstock which creates more friction with the lane’s surface than polyester. This friction, coupled with the weight block inside of the bowling ball create the change of motion (hook) downlane.

It is common for new bowlers to assume that they should start out with the cheapest, most basic bowling ball (polyester). This assumption couldn’t be more wrong. As its mentioned above, polyester balls are a great choice to the casual bowler who doesn’t intend to pursue the sport. For the new bowler who wants to learn and improve, starting out with an entry-level reactive bowling ball will provide much assistance and room for growth.


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Bowling World Surprise (High Performance)

The last option for those on a $100 budget is our Bowling World Surprise offered exclusively at

Simply put, the Bowling World Surprise is a mystery high performance bowling ball that is a $130-$180 value listed at $99.95.

The flexibility on our end allows us to provide more savings on your end based on the inventory we have on hand. This is the best value and easiest shopping experience as there are no decisions to be made on your end.


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