Motiv Trident Horizon

“This thing is so fun to throw!  I feel like it lets me do whatever I want to do on fresh”

Motiv Trident Horizon

“This thing is so fun to throw!  I feel like it lets me do whatever I want to do on fresh”, stated EJ Tackett about the new Trident™ Horizon.   Utilizing a hybrid edition of Coercion™ MXC cover technology, the Trident™ Horizon exudes strength, power, and incredible versatility. 

 A solid version of Coercion™ MXC powers the impressive Forge™ Flare.  “It is so strong, that some high rev rate players are forced to use fiercely steep angles and sometimes throw it over the front of the lane to use it even on fresh”, said PBA® Tour Rep Brett Spangler.  “It just makes sense to merge this phenomenal shell with a higher RG core and less aggressive finish.”  And that is precisely the design focus behind the Trident Horizon.

Utilizing new Coercion™ MXC Hybrid Reactive cover technology, the Trident™ Horizon digs in the oil yet still manages to continue down lane to a degree that confounds many bowlers.  Tuned with a 4000 Grit LSS finish, it showcases more clearly the down lane motion potential of the Coercion™ MXC technology. 

To maximize continuation, the Trident™ Horizon utilizes the versatile asymmetric Sidewinder™ core.  Featuring a higher RG and lower intermediate differential, it clears the front of the lane much easier than the more powerful solid balls for heavier oil volumes and retains energy to provide ferocious continuation.      

  • CONDITION: Medium-Heavy Oil
  •  WEIGHTS: 12# - 16#
  • INNER CORE: Sidewinder™
  • COVER STOCK: Coercion™ MXC Hybrid Reactive
  •  FINISH: 4000 Grit LSS
  • 15# RG: 2.52, Max Diff: .049, Int. Diff: .013
  •  BALL COLOR: Blue Pearl, Navy Solid, Pink Solid
  •  NEOMARK COLOR: Silver/Purple Pearl
More Information
Brand Motiv
Release Date Apr 13, 2021
Color Blue / Navy / Pink
Coverstock Name Coercion MXC
Coverstock Type Reactive Resin, Hybrid
Factory Finish 4000 Grit LSS
Core RG 2.52
Differential 0.049
Mass Bias Diff 0.013
Flare Potential High
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