Genesis Sync Tape - Silver - 40 count

Extremely flexible vinyl material.
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  • Hybrid Insert Overlay Tape -SyncTM Silver should only be used as an overlay tape. Tape will not readily stick to the top surface, only the under side.
  • SyncTM Silver is an all new hybrid of traditional style bowling tapes. Its unique semi-transparent 10 mil soft vinyl combines enhanced grip with a smooth surface, so it won't wear out like the traditional textured tapes of the past. The soft feel also provides a more comfortable grip, helping your hand to relax so you won't have as much tendency to squeeze your shot.
  • Unique semi-transparent soft vinyl material
  • Smooth texture with added grip
  • Non wearing grip surface
  • Cuts easily with scissors
  • Lasts longer than traditional style insert tapes
  • For use in thumb or finger holes as an overlay tape for added grip and comfort.
  • Available in 3/4" and 1" widths
  • PBA Registered Product
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Brand Genesis
Color Assorted Colors
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