Ball Review: Hammer Fugitive Solid

Ball Review: Hammer Fugitive Solid

Hammer has a long history of releasing strong symmetrical bowling balls. They added to that history with the release of the Fugitive and now, Hammer has released the Fugitive Solid. 

The new Fugitive Solid, released on Aug. 6, is one of the strongest symmetrical solids ever released by Hammer. Here are my thoughts on the Fugitive Solid, which will find its way into the bags of many bowlers. 

The Ball

Hammer’s Fugitive Solid starts with the Fugitive core, an aggressive core that gives the Fugitive Solid plenty of punch downlane.

Core Numbers 

  • RG: 2.486 
  • Diff: .052

The core’s low RG and high differential gives the Fugitive an early rolling motion with plenty of flare potential. 

Coverstock — Juiced Solid

The Juiced coverstock has been around for years in the Hammer line. Hammer’s Bad Ass, Ruthless and Rebel all featured the Juiced Solid coverstock. The coverstock is extremely versatile and works well when polished or sanded. A sanded Juiced coverstock generates real traction while a polished Juiced solid provides easy length.

The Bowler

  • Approximate ball speed off hand: 16.5 miles per hour
  • Approximate rev rate: 300 revolutions per minute
  • Approximate axis rotation: 30 degrees
  • Approximate tilt: 8-10 degrees
  • Positive Axis Point: 4 and 5/16 over, 7/16 up

I classify myself as a tweener, mainly due to my lower ball speed and moderate rev rate. My lower axis tilt tends to get me in trouble, as I can struggle to get the ball through the heads on dryer lane conditions.

The Layout

For the Fugitive Solid, I went with a 4-inch pin to PAP distance and a 35-degree VAL. I’ve never used this layout before, so I wasn’t exactly sure how it would look on the lanes. My goal was to create a moderately strong reaction that could allow me to open up the lane and play steeper angles. 

Surface Prep

Originally, I first threw this ball with the out-of-box surface — 500, 2000 sanded. This was way too much surface for the center I regularly bowl at, so I decided to add polish to the 500,2000 sanded finish. This shiny surface made the ball push through the heads while never missing the breakpoint. Those who bowl in centers with dryer lane patterns or older lanes should consider adding polish to their Fugitive Solid.

The Results

I started around my usual line, which is 22-to-6, and this worked early on. However, the center of the pattern began to dry up and forced me further inside. I moved 2-and-1 left and found a sweet spot, as the ball skated through the heads and faced up nicely. Even when I missed outside, the Fugitive Solid read early and had just the right amount of angle to carry. Misses by one or two boards inside held the line and carried regularly.

Later, the pattern continued to break down and forced me further left. By the end of the session, I was standing on 27-28 and hitting around 7-8 at the breakpoint. I manipulated my release to create more rotation, allowing the Fugitive Solid to still make the corner and carry. I have not had this kind of motion and success when moving further left in quite some time. 

The Fit

The Fugitive Solid is a fit for all sorts of bowlers. Rev-dominant players will be able to slot the Fugitive Solid towards the top of their bag, giving them plenty of motion without the uncontrollability of some asymmetrical bowling balls. Higher speed players will find the Fugitive Solid fitting towards the middle or lower end of their bag, depending on their game. 

On sport and challenge patterns, the Fugitive Solid will offer a strong, predictable motion that allows the bowler to control the breakpoint consistently. 


Strong symmetrical bowling balls are generally underrated. Their versatility on different patterns and for different types of bowlers makes them extremely valuable. The Fugitive Solid fits that mold — an aggressive and reliable motion that can serve bowlers of different styles. The Juiced Solid coverstock is tried and true and performs both sanded and polished.

Bowlers of all shapes and sizes should consider adding a Fugitive Solid to their arsenal. The ball flat out works, which has become the standard for Hammer.

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