5 Tips for Bowlers Looking to Practice More

5 Tips for Bowlers Looking to Practice More

Finding the motivation to practice doesn’t always come easy. Getting out of the house and making time in your busy schedule can be hard at times. Use these 5 tips to help keep your practice consistent and stay motivated.


Bowl with a friend

Find a friend who can help keep you motivated on the lanes. It’s much easier to blow off practice when there’s no one else counting on you. Make it a routine and you and your friend will be more likely to stick with the program and put in the work to succeed.

Sign-up for a new league

Joining a league is the easiest way to stay consistent with your bowling. Most leagues meet weekly and bowl 3 games per night. If you’re wanting to get more practice in for your competitive league, look into joining a second one (maybe a less competitive one) and use it to focus on practice.

Try out some new accessories

There’s no shortage of accessories to help aid your bowling. From tapes, to wrist supports, to shoe sliders - there’s something for almost any scenario. With most of these items falling between $5-$20, go to your local pro shop, pick out something new, and test it on the lanes. If you don’t like it, at least you got some practice out of it.


Note: Visit any Bowling World location and test drive our gloves/wrist supports for free with no obligation to buy.

Turn excuses into motivation

It’s easy to come up with excuses when you’re not feeling motivated to practice. You’re short on time, the bowling center hasn’t oiled the lanes today, they’ve turned the lights off for cosmic bowling, etc. Instead of using these as excuses, look at them as motivation to focus your practice session. If you’re short on time, stop in for one game and focus on efficiency. If the bowling center hasn’t oiled the lanes yet, use this as an opportunity to overcome the less than ideal conditions and battle adversity. If the lights are off for cosmic bowling, use this to practice your focus and blocking out distractions.



Reward yourself

There’s nothing wrong with motivating yourself with a reward, whatever that may be to you. Maybe it’s a tasty treat after your practice session, or that new bowling ball you’ve been eying after ‘x’ amount of practice hours.